Electronic Design & Multimedia • Fall 2020 BFA Thesis Show

Online Exhibition, opening December 14th, 2020

This event is made possible by Electronic Design & Multimedia (EDM) and the Robinson Center for Graphic Arts and Communication Design, within the Art Department at The City College of New York (CUNY).

Fall 2020 projects include: a graphic novel that empowers second-generation youth, as told through the eyes of a Mexican-American boy • an illustrated-history textbook, website, and game that spotlights significant Latinx figures • a virtual museum that amplifies works by BIPOC, Disabled, and LGBTQIA+ artists • a tea shop branding that promotes the health benefits of Cantonese Leung-cha to the New York area • a book and series of tattoo designs that elevates tattoo art in mainstream culture • an infographic set and magazine that explores the history and resurgence of Hanfu, the traditional clothing of Han Chinese people


Student Projects

delia image
Delia Bueno: Two Worlds, One Me

Two Worlds, One Me is a graphic novel that explores the topic of cultural identity in second-generation youth. The story chronicles a young boy, named Mateo, who struggles to balance the clashing values of his family’s culture in Mexico, against his American culture in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

jcaputo image
JulieAnn Caputo: LatinxText

For years, the American curriculum has disproportionately cast a brighter light on the history of significant people of European descent than those significant leaders of Latin American origin. Latinx Text aims to highlight and address this issue of underrepresentation within US history books.

jcaputo image
Ada Comonfort: The Collective Museum of Art

The Collective Museum of Art is a virtual museum dedicated to giving visibility to underrepresented populations—specifically, BIPOC, Disabled, and LGBTQIA+ artists—and creating an inclusive space where everyone, especially minorities, feels welcome and represented.

suyin image=
SuYin Liang: Ah-Ma Herbal Tea

Ah-Ma Herbal Tea is a Chinese herbal tea pop-up shop that promotes Cantonese’s traditional Leung-cha drinking culture to the New York area. The shop’s branding incorporates cultural elements from Chinese television series, Eastern-medicine packaging, artifacts, and everyday life items from the mid-twentieth century in Guangdong, China.

gray image
Gray Violago: Tattoo! Not Taboo

Tattoo! Not Taboo is a book and set of tattoo designs that showcases a brief history of the methods and styles of tattooing, explores the current stigma surrounding people with tattoos in the workplace, and features original tattoo designs which are meant to destigmatize tattoo art in mainstream culture.

renqiang image
Ren Qiang Yuan: Hanfu Gang

Hanfu Gang is an illustrated infographic and magazine project aimed at educated, young, fashion lovers in their late-teens and early-twenties who are interested in Hanfu, the traditional clothing of ethnic Han Chinese people who ruled China for most of its history.