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A professional program leading to the B.F.A. degree. The 75 credit major culminates in a semester-long Thesis Project. Application to the B.F.A. is by portfolio.


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What is the difference between the B.A. in Studio Art and the B.F.A. Program in Electronic Design & Multimedia?

Samsung Visits the EDM!Samsung

Pictured left to right: Erec Koch, Dean of Humanities and the Arts; Jane Sun Kim, Event Marketing Specialist, Samsung; Anne Bartoc, Visiting Assistant Professor, EDM.

Samsung representatives from Content Services and Development visited EDM on Friday, March 22, 2019 and hosted an all-day workshop, Innovative Technology Meets Amazing Design, by invitation of Professor Anne Bartoc and in partnership with EDM’s UX/UI Special Topics class. During the afternoon workshop, EDM students learned how to create an app on a Samsung Galaxy using UX strategies and designer tools. Following the hands-on workshop, the Samsung Talent Team informed students about internships and career opportunities.


Alumni Night, Thursday, April 11, 2011, 5:30-7pm CG 121 AlumniNight

Recent grads in Electronic Design and Multimedia who have found jobs in graphic design, motion design and software training at companies including Squarespace, Victoria's Secret, NBC Sports, Vistar Media (UX/UI Design), Droga 5 and freelancing for clients such as The New York Times, PBS, MAC Cosmetics, Bergdorf Goodman, Virgin Cruises, PepsiCo and J.Crew among others return to CCNY to share their job experiences with our current students.

DON'T MISS this opportunity to meet them & hear their stories: what happened after they graduated!


EDM Competitions and Opportunities Calendar

Check out the EDM Calendar for listings of competitions, awards, scholarships and other opportunities for students in the B.F.A. or B.A./Digital Design Concentration.

EDM Library: borrow an art or design book

You can see the list of books in the EDM Library and reserve a book by using the online link to send an email to the EDM Club. Over the summer, we will be putting our book collection reservations online, so you will soon be able to make a direct reservation on the website.If you would like to donate art or design books to the Library, contact the EDM Club or the CLTs.


Award-Winning Designer Chin-Yee Lai Visits the EDM Club!Chin Yee Lai

Professor Anne Bartoc, EDM Club Faculty Mentor, and guest speaker Chin-Yee Lai (top row, first and second) pose with design-student attendees at an EDM Club gathering for the Fall 2018 semester.

Nationally recognized, award-winning book jacket designer Chin-Yee Lai gave a compelling presentation on November 29 at the final meeting of the EDM Club, for the Fall 2018 semester. During her talk, through photographs and personal anecdotes, she revealed her struggles arriving in New York at age 15, and how she used every connection and work situation, to optimize her path to success as a graphic designer. The advice she shared at the end was invaluable, highlighting the need to be kind (the industry is small), show strong effort (it will be recognized by superiors), and stay positive (it will support all aspects of one's life). Students left the lecture enlightened and motivated.


Spring 2019 EDM Portfolio class visits Guggenheim's In-House Design Department Janice Lee

Janice Lee, Associate Director, Graphic Design at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, hosted Professor Christine Sullivan’s Spring Portfolio Class on Friday, March 22, 2019. Students were able to tour the Guggenheim’s Exhibition Department and Graphic Design Department, as well as view invitations, posters, ads, social media campaigns, catalogs, museum guides, and merchandise that Janice designs for the museum (pictured).


Laisa Barros Wins a Prestigious Summer 2018 Internship at PIXAR! LaisaBarros

EDM student Laisa Barros (Computer Science major, Digital Design minor with a focus in UX/UI and Animation) was awarded a highly-competitive internship at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California over the summer of 2018. Bringing her knowledge in computer programming, language, and scripting to the table, Laisa worked as a Production Support Engineering Intern within Pixar’s Systems Department. Her day-to-day duties involved assisting Pixar animators with Wacom and Cintiq graphic tablets, troubleshooting Linux software operating systems and workstations for technical artists, and assisting Pixar engineers in reconfiguring a code-based computer application for studio printing. And, she enjoyed working closely with Pixar animators and technical artists on a daily basis. “I appreciate the sense of community and how passionate everyone is about their jobs…I really enjoyed the balance between work and fun. Whether it be tea time on Friday or sharing a random story out of the blue, those moments kept the team connected and allowed us to get to know each other.”

In addition to her degree-relevant courses in digital design computer science, she cites campus-led WiTNY, hackathons, CUNYCodes, and CUNY Tech Prep as invaluable sources of training prior to her arrival at the Pixar campus. “(Over the summer) I learned so much about the infrastructure of the studio as a whole: from how to manage workstations using internal tools to even learning about license management. I also learned a new programming language, Ruby. I didn't know Ruby at all but my co-workers were patient and provided me with resources to get started. I was able to contribute in the refactoring of a printing utility that helped to improve the printing environment for everyone (at Pixar).”

The internship has pushed her further as a dual artist and engineer. “I feel more confident in my skills and ready to take on new challenges as I grow as an engineer. As an artist, I further understand the 3D animation pipeline so I am now incorporating a lot more research and direction into my art practice.”


PIXAR Returns to EDM! Pixar


On Monday, September 17, 2018, four representatives from Pixar Animation Studios, based in Emeryville, California, returned to speak with Electronic Design and Multimedia students within the City College Art Department. Approximately 75 students were in standing-room-only attendance for the 12pm-3:30pm event.

Gini Santos (Supervising Animator, Coco; animator on Up, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2), MontaQue Ruffin (animator on Incredibles 2, Finding Dory) and Christina Faraj (Pixar Technical Director; animator on Coco, Incredibles 2) were joined by Beth Sasseen (Pixar University Relations) to speak with EDM students about career and internship possibilities within the animation field—using their Oscar-winning feature film, Coco, as a central framework for discussion.

From 12pm to 2pm, the animators provided individualized lectures on animation principles— ranging from character development to set construction—with each animator providing relatable examples of their own student work to visually chart their career success. From 2pm to 3:30pm, the conversation continued with a Q&A in Pilar Newton-Katz’s 2D Animation Principles course, where the Pixar team spoke about internship possibilities at the Emeryville Campus and their Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP), in which undergraduates benefit from classroom-style mentorships at Pixar.



Pixar's Summer 2019 Internships are now posted online!

Internship applications in Art, Story, and Animation are due by March 3rd, 2019. Internship applications in Editorial, Marketing, Production Management, and the Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP) are due by February 10, 2019. Please reach out to Professor Newton, Professor Smith, Professor Deck, or Professor Bartoc for guidance with your application.


 • Pixar External Career Site

B.A.: Concentration in Digital Design

As of FA14, students in the B.A. majoring in Art have a new concentration option—students can select the Digital Design Concentration. For more information go to the Advising page or check with the Art Office. This option is designed for students who are not in the B.F.A. or who are waiting to apply for the B.F.A.

Insurance Policy Required for DOC Checkout

Students who want to check out DOC/Art Department equipment valued at $300 or more must now provide proof of personal insurance for the entire replacement value of the equipment borrowed. See the Checkout page for complete information about this policy and learn how to obtain insurance which will also cover your computer, phone and camera.


Our Students

City College has a highly diverse student population of students coming from every community within New York City and from all over the world. EDM students are trained for careers in design in all aspects of print and screen media and design.

Hire an EDM Student for a job or project

Find an Intern [employers] or apply for an Internship [students]


The B.F.A. Thesis Exhibition

B.F.A. Thesis is a capstone design seminar in which students develop a sustained, individual, semester-long creative project in a major area of interest such as print, Internet or multimedia.

Students present their Thesis Projects in an exhibtion at the end of the semester and document their project in a book.


Announcing a new M.F.A. in art and technology

Develop a critical art practice in digital media using a research perspective to explore the relationship between technology and art.

The M.F.A. in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice [DIAP] was inaugurated in 2012. The next application deadline is February 1st, 2014. See the [DIAP] website for admissions and program information.


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